Profile of Export Dept

Japanese line
Shanghai Longfei, as a Sino-Japan joint venture, has outstanding advantages in import and export between China and Japan, which mainly embodies in the following aspects:
A Positive strategy and clear orientation on target market
At the beginning of the establishment, Shanghai Longfei had decided to emphasize on the Japanese line as its strategy. So, elites were appointed to try their best to develop the Japanese line, and the direct clients were considered as the target market. With the faithful cooperation with our agencies, Longfei has provided the direct clients with comprehensive services between China and Japan, such as sea & air transportation, consolidation service, and bulk cargo transportation.
B Versatile agencies in Japan
Longfei has over 10 agencies with different characteristics in Japan. Shanghai Longfei establishes business relations with those agencies according to their own characteristics, and thus they take advantages and make up disadvantages from each other through cooperation.

Europe, America and other lines
As a member of the MOL Group, Shanghai Longfei use its advantages and strong network of overseas agents to deliver goods to any port you specify safely and on time.

Huge projects of export relocation and transportation of entire plant
Another unique advantage of Shanghai Longfei is to provide transportation service aimed at the huge project and the import and export relocation of the entire plant. With the coordination of institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Economics and Trade and Ministry of Trade of some African countries, we pack some projects and even a whole factory which is competitive in Africa and then ship them to Africa. In the aspects of import, we coordinate with overseas agents to realize the door to door transportation of the entire plant or the project.

One-stop service Shanghai Longfei provides logistic services to many world-known companies since its establishment. The general features of these clients are: abundant cargo amount, complicated documents, high requirements and the shipment harbors both import and export spread all over the world. Due to the above characteristics, Longfei established a team specially to provide such clients with one-stop service. Clients just need to contact with one team member and can get what they need with ease and convenience. Such team is highly praised because of its convenient communication and high efficiency.

Profile of Import Dept

Our import department has sophisticated experience in handling all kinds of customs clearance and commodity inspection under different trade terms. We can deliver all kinds of import cargo to final destination promptly and accurately. Relying on the powerful global agency network of Shanghai Longfei, our import department can provide overseas FOB booking, import sea freight and airfreight services. Our import department has been in the line of import consolidation with overseas agents for 8 years. We can render steady consolidation service from each Japanese basic port, Kongkong etc. to Shanghai.

Main business:
  1. Import customs clearance and commodity inspection
  2. Import consolidation services
  3. Import food operation
  4. Import bulk cargo operation
  5. Import devanning and warehousing operation

Profile of Airfreight and Exhibition Transportation Dept

Main services:
  1. Airfreight export and exhibition import and export transportation。
    Airfreight export mainly bases on the Japanese lines. Longfei cooperates with All Nippon Airways, UPS, Shanghai Airlines and China Eastern Airlines.

    Longfei has many years of experience in the transportation of exhibition. Successful cases include Cebit electronics show in Hanover, Cologne motorcycle show, Hannover industrial fair and two-wheelers exhibiton in Italy.

  2. Bulk cargo charter business

Customs Clearance Dept

Our customs clearance department can offer a series of services including customs clearance, customs inspection, commodity inspection, transit transportation, transit customs and so on. Now we have offices in the main declaration sites of Shanghai Customs including Shanghai Shipping Exchange Transportation Center, Baoshan terminal,WAIGAOQIAO terminal. We have a professional team of customs clearance and commodity inspection with high quality documents, accurate classification of goods, elite business, fast clearance, fewer chargeback and lowest error in inspection.We enjoy good name as a highly efficient customs bulk.

Quality Management Dept

comming soon ...

Profile of Warehousing and Transportation Dept

Geographic location of the warehouse
1.No.128 B Mindong Road, Caolu Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai
2.14km to the WAIGAOQIAO 1 / 2 terminal (about 20 minutes ride)
3.10km to the WAIGAOQIAO 5 terminal (about 15 minutes ride)
4.7 to 8km to A20, A30 entrance (about 10 minutes ride)
5.80km to Yang Shan terminal (about 80 minutes ride)

Area of the warehouse
1.Covering a total area of 49 acres (about 30,360㎡)
2.South warehouse 5460㎡, north warehouse 6500㎡devided by fire door within the warehouse of the bottom.
3.Within warehouse of the second floor 5 tons / 10,000-pound freight elevator to deliver freights, with an area of 2000㎡
4.Within warehouse of the third floor 5 tons / 10,000-pound freight elevator to deliver freights, with an area of 400㎡

Advantages of the warehouse
1.The warehouse has independent operating areas such as receiving area, loading area, reactor tank area, huge project area and so on.
2.9 operating platforms receive and ship cargoes respectively. We implement 24-hour shipping and receiving operations.
3.24-hour TV surveillance and 24-hour infrared alarm for customers’ goods and security.
4.Instal electronic patrol system in the entire reservoir area and carry on 24-hour security patrol security system.
5.We have transportation, loading and unloading equipments for bulk cargoes and professional work team.

Profile of Suzhou branch

With unique location and favorable policy, Suzhou has attracted numerous world reputable corporation to invest and set up plants here. Most of them require logistics provider to extend their scope till Suzhou. So our Suzhou branch was established in 2002 to meet this requirement.

With experienced specialist in international logistics field and highly responsible, hard-working staff, our Suzhou branch can provide well tailored service to the clients in and around Suzhou. Our Suzhou branch, based on shanghai Longfei's fully developed operating platform and international agency network, can design the appropriate logistics system and effective solutions which are consistent with China for demestic and foreign companies. Also, we provide separate part of logistics service, such as international forwarding, transportation, storage, delivery and custom clearance, in a time and cost efficient way.

Add:22F Kings Tower, No.12 Shishan Road, Suzhou New District, Jiangsu
Tel: 0512-68086061 68086071
Fax: 0512-68086091

Profile of Nantong branch

According to the requirements of the market and clients, Longfei established Nantong branch in April 2006.

Our Nantong branch provides such services as international freight forwarding, booking, warehousing, customs clearance, customer service and other business. All staff have been operated a modern logistics theory and training and have engaged in international freight, customer service and other business for a long time. They are all familiar with the laws of the logistics market and accumulate rich experience in logistics operations. Our Nantong branch has professional logistics personnel. Based on shanghai Longfei's fully developed operating platform and international agency network, our Nantong branch uses modern mode of operation, strict management system, reasonable price system to provide comprehensive logistics solutions for clients. Nantong branch bases on Nantong logistics market persistently through its normative operation and gradually spreads to all areas in Jiangsu. We win the good reputation of logistics services and make our clients experience the service first, customers first. Our staff will provide sevices with the greatest enthusiasm to every customer.

Add: Room 809 Tianxin Building, No.155 Gongnong Road, Nantong City, Jiangsu.
Tel: 0513-85223800 85223805 85223812
Fax: 0513-85223815

Profile of Shenzhen branch

Shenzhen branch was established in 2004. Shenzhen branch is a service site that provides professional import and export logistics operation in Southern China. We have service agents network and perfect branch institutions throughout the world. We have cooperated with MOL,COSCO, CMA CGM, K-LINE, MAERSK,APL and other world-famous shipping companies. The good relationship with those companies is powerful guarantee for providing the most efficient transportation with the lowest tariffs. The company has a number of professional level and experienced maritime operators, document processing and sales staff. We provide sound and perfect service in a time and cost efficient way.

Business area:
·Act various types of import and export cargoes transportation, customs clearance, commodity inspection, dangerous goods declaration, warehousing, inland transportation and other services.
·Provide full service of import and export cargoes distribution business.
·Undertake multimodal transportation of containers and bulk equipments as well as door to door transportation.
·Track feedback information of goods and provide transportation insurance services.
·Provide lines designing, freight consulting, cost accounting and other services.

Add: A1607 Tian’an international building, Renmin south road, Luohu district, Shenzhen.
Tel: 86-0755-82181025 82181065
Fax: 86-0755-82181075 82181076

Profile of Qingdao branch

Our Qingdao branch has modern office, communication equipments and professional international logistics personnel. Under the guidance of advanced management ideas, we have sounded out a positive path of development. Our business increases year by year, management improves step by step. We have opened a number of advantageous lines from Qingdao to Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Black Sea, Baltic Sea and so on. Our solid operational capacity has won the trust and support of customers at home and abroad and established long-term stable cooperative partnership with the business still expanding.
We are a professional freight forwarder and can design and provide comprehensive services to a variety of maritime operations including: FCL and LCL cargo transportation of various types of containers, transportation of dangerous goods, special containers transportation of overweight or limited weight, refrigerated transportation and so on.

This branch is one of CMA's direct booking agents. Using the company's maritime shipping system and EDI connection services, we realize communication automation, share information and provide one-stop services instantly. Our branch is also the booking agent of COSCO, PIL, APL, MOL, NYK, OOCL, we have good relations of cooperation with them, and we could provide related services.

Add: 5th Floor A, Building 7, Southern Software Park, No.288 Ningxia road, Shinan district, Qingdao.
Tel: 86-532-88727977
Fax: 86-88727970/71