Export Dept

Japanese line

Shanghai Longfei, as a Sino-Japan joint venture, has outstanding advantages in import and export between China and Japan, which mainly embodies in the following aspects:
A Positive strategy and clear orientation on target market
At the beginning of the establishment, Shanghai Longfei had decided to emphasize on the Japanese line as its strategy. So, elites were appointed to try their best to develop the Japanese line, and the direct clients were considered as the target market. With the faithful cooperation with our agencies, Longfei has provided the direct clients with comprehensive services between China and Japan, such as shipping, air transportation, export consolidation, import distribution and bulk cargo transportation.
B Versatile agencies in Japan
Longfei has over 10 agencies with different characteristics in Japan. Shanghai Longfei establishes business relations with those agencies according to their own characteristics, and thus they take advantages and make up disadvantages from each other through cooperation.

Europe, America and other lines

As a member of the MOL Group, Shanghai Longfei using its advantages and strong network of overseas agents to deliver goods to any port you specify safely and on time.

Huge projects of export relocation and transportation of entire plant

Another unique advantage of Shanghai Longfei is to provide transportation service aimed at the huge project and the import and export relocation of the entire plant. With the coordination of institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Economics and Trade and Ministry of Trade of some African countries, we pack some projects and even a whole factory which is competitive in Africa and then ship them to Africa. In the aspects of import, we coordinate with overseas agents to realize the door to door transportation of the entire plant or the project.

One-stop service

Shanghai Longfei provides logistic services to many world-known companies since its establishment. The general features of these clients are: abundant cargo amount, complicated documents, high requirements and the shipment harbors both import and export spread all over the world. Due to the above characteristics, Longfei established a team specially to provide such clients with one-stop service. Clients just need to contact with one team member and can get what they need with ease and convenience. Such team is highly praised because of its convenient communication and high efficiency.